Clove Dental Ignites Oral Health Revolution with 1000+ Oral Care Awareness Camps in 26 Cities

Sep 19, 2023 - 12:15
Clove Dental Ignites Oral Health Revolution with 1000+ Oral Care Awareness Camps in 26 Cities
Clove Dental Ignites Oral Health Revolution with 1000+ Oral Care Awareness Camps in 26 Cities

New Delhi: Clove Dental, India's most trusted dental care network, achieves a monumental feat by orchestrating over 1000 free Oral Care Awareness camps in  26 cities across the country. This grand initiative, led by a dedicated team of skilled dentists, dental assistants, and business managers, transcends geographical boundaries and is dedicated to make a profound impact on oral health awareness in India.


  • Joining forces, Clove Dental's North and South teams embarked on an unprecedented campaign, engaging with diverse communities, corporates, schools, colleges, RWAs, joggers' parks, and fitness centers. To find the nearest Clove Dental camp, patients can contact the Clove Dental center. The objective was clear: to raise awareness about dental diseases and empower individuals with the knowledge to prevent them.


What sets Clove Dental's campaign apart is its commitment to the cause. Every member of the team is an experienced dentist, well-versed in the nuances of oral healthcare, ensuring participants receive precise, evidence-based information and personalized guidance during the camps. At the core of this technological marvel are intraoral cameras, which play a pivotal role in educating participants about their oral health.


Intraoral cameras are miniature digital cameras designed specifically for capturing images inside the mouth. They provide a clear and detailed view of the teeth, gums, and other oral structures in real-time. This technology revolutionizes the way individuals perceive their oral health, as it enables them to see their own dental conditions firsthand on a TV Screen. During Clove Dental's awareness camps, participants have the unique opportunity to experience live demonstrations using these intraoral cameras.


In a country where 86% of the population suffers from dental diseases in one or more teeth, with only 6-8% seeking dental care independently, awareness is paramount. In line with the Indian Dental Association's efforts to create mass awareness, Clove Dental has emerged as the single largest body dedicated to preserving Oral Care in India.


Commitment to Hygiene, Sanitization, and Safety Protocol



Clove Dental recognizes the paramount importance of maintaining the highest standards of hygiene, sanitization, and safety, especially in the context of healthcare initiatives. In light of this, the dental care network has implemented rigorous hygiene and safety protocols across all its awareness camps.


Some of the key measures include:


  1. Sterilization of Equipment: Meticulous sterilization of all dental instruments and equipment to eliminate infection risks.
  2. Disposable Materials: Utilization of single-use, disposable materials to minimize cross-contamination.
  3. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Providing the dental team and participants with appropriate PPE, including gloves, masks, and face shields, ensuring everyone's safety.
  4. Temperature Checks: Conducting temperature checks at entry points, with individuals displaying symptoms of illness advised to seek medical attention.
  5. Hand Hygiene: Setting up adequate hand sanitizing stations and encouraging participants to maintain excellent hand hygiene.
  6. Stringent Waste Disposal Guidelines: Meticulously observed to maintain cleanliness and safety.


Lt. Gen. Dr Vimal Arora, Chief Clinical Officer at Clove Dental, expressed his enthusiasm about the initiative, saying, "At Clove Dental, our aim has always been to make quality dental care accessible to all. Our 1000+ awareness camps are a testament to our commitment to Oral Health. We believe that educating the masses is the first step towards better oral hygiene, and our advanced technology and experienced team are here to make that happen. We are proud to serve communities across India and contribute to a healthier, happier nation."


Clove Dental's relentless dedication to raising awareness about oral health, coupled with their unwavering commitment to hygiene and safety, is a beacon of hope in India's journey towards improved dental care. As the campaign continues to impact communities from north to south, the smiles it generates will be a testament to the transformative power of knowledge and technology in the realm of oral health.


Dinesh Kumar News Writer